New Mexico Museum of Space History Guide

Here is the Interactive Guide to the New Mexico Museum of Space History. These links go with the Apollo and Space Shuttle Artifacts that are on display. Clicking on the link takes you to the Original NASA information for the artifact. Although text has been optimized for digital use, it is the same information the astronauts and engineers used to find out what the component is and what it does.

In this guide, I have an interactive document to help you better understand the artifacts you are viewing. You will be able to decide how much information you want. By clicking on the link, or the Interactive Maps, you will be connected to the original information put out by NASA for the articact that has been optimized for display on smartphones and tablets.

There is also Interactive Virtual Reality Guides for a select group of the displays, specifically the Apollo, Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and Starliner. These allow you to move around the inside of the Capsule, pinch and zoom to see components, and in some cases, click on components to see what they are. There will also be some videos explinations on the components work in the guide.

Interactive Floor Maps – Click of the floor you are on. When the Interactive Floor Map comes up, click on the area of the map you are at to learn about the Artifact. 

First Floor Map

Third Floor Map

Forth Floor Map

Fifth Floor Map

Artifact List

Apollo Space Suit

Jacket Pants and Booties

Apollo Interior – Command Module

F-1 rocket engine

Food Crew Personal Equipment (

Apollo fuel cell

Apollo primary guidance navigation and control system

Attitude Set Control Panel

Translation Control

DSKY – Interactive Image. Click on component to find out what it does

Replica space shuttle deck – Interactive Image. Click on component to find out what it does.

See what else I’m working on here. Links Page – Spacecraft Guide

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