Next e-Book, The Apollo Lunar Module Vehicle Familiarization Manual

Back in 1969, Grumman a manual to go with it’s revolutionary spacecraft, the Lunar Module. The mission of the manual was to be

“an aid for orientation and indoctrination purposes
only. It describes the LM mission, structure, subsystems,
and ground support equipment…”

For decades now, Apollo Enthusiasts have downloaded the free version of this manual that someone mimeographed in the 70’s, then put into a pdf sometime in the last decade. Quite recently, someone put out an e-Book of this manual, but it turned out to be that same mimeographed copy from the 70 but with information missing and/or smugged.

What we are going to do is take the information from that document, clean it up, put it in a more user-friendly font, and then put links to the reference pages and images to get the information you want IN ONE CLICK. Basically, we took the document that the Apollo Astronauts used, like Neil Armstrong and created an interactive 2.0 version.

You can get a sneak peak at the chapter on Crew Personal Equipment here. Take a look and stay tuned. This e-Book will be out before Christmas.