About Us

SpacecraftGuide.com is a warehouse for Human Spacecraft interface that use images and hyperlinks to quickly and easily find information. It was created by Edward Rafacz who has been a Commercial Pilot for 30 years with 18,000 hours of experience. He was on the team that worked on the next generation of radar for aviation as the lead for creating the symbology for the flight deck displays that all pilots will be using soon. The team won the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy in 2007 that is displayed in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and has been awarded to many famous aviation greats like the Crew of Apollo 11.
For 17 years Mr. Rafacz was an Accident and Incident Investigator Volunteer for the Commercial Aviation Industries working on hundreds of incidents and several major accidents. He used his knowledge of aviation safety to enhance the latest technology to be put into aircraft. He was instrumental in convincing Aviation Interests in the benefits of using the internet to make safety information quickly and easily accessible to pilots. Retiring from safety, he started working on interfaces between humans and aircraft converting paper manuals to electronic interfaces for use in extreme time compress emergency situations. From there, he went on to develop Conscientious Software™ and tested it on hundreds of Commercial Pilots.
Using Conscientious Software™, which allows anyone to find any piece of information on extremely complex devices in one click or less, Mr. Rafacz won NASA’s Space Apps Challenge for the Chicago Regional in 2014 for “Best Mission Concept.” He went on from there creating SpaceShuttleGuide.com and GeminiGuide.com. Now in APOLLO OPERATIONS HANDBOOK BLOCK II SPACECRAFT, he has incorporated the functionality of Web Pages into an e-book that can be used even if there is no access to the internet.