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In my commitment to educate the public on space exploration, I’m waving membership fees on  the projects I create, and I’m reaching out because I think you or someone you know might be interested. I could use the extra exposure and I know people could use my information, so it’s a win-win for both of us!

I recently started work on a FREE Interactive Virtual Spacecraft Museum. It includes all of my work on spacecraft, the e-book material, interactive posters, and intelligent manuals, and brings it into your home for a (previously) yearly subscription. The fact that the exhibit pieces can be experienced from the home right now is a huge benefit for parents looking for educational activities.

With all the school closures and economic issues families are facing, I am making my FREE Interactive Virtual Spacecraft Museum until the kids go back to school.

If your child or a friend is interested in NASA and the Space Program, please have them visit. All 12 of the exhibits are interactive. You can click on the image to find out about the components.

Included are sections of the Interactive Poster, with drawings of the interior of the Gemini and Apollo spacecraft. With just one click, you can see what any light, button, or switch is and what it does. Also there is the Interactive Manual that describes what the components of the Space Shuttle are and what they do. Then if you have more questions, you can keep clicking to get more detailed answers that include schematics. Finally, there are the Intelligent Manuals of the Apollo Spacecraft and Space Shuttle.  

Gemini Interior Interactive Poster

Apollo 11 Lunar Module Control Panel 2

Lunar Module Control Panel 5

Apollo 11 Command Module Communication Control Panel

ECS Control Display of Apollo 13

Interactive Manual – Front View Interior Space Shuttle

Interactive Manual – Left View Interior Space Shuttle

Interactive Manual – Right View Interior Space Shuttle

Interactive Manual – Top View Interior Space Shuttle

Intelligent Manual Of the Space Shuttle Flight Deck

Interactive Virtual Exhibit – Apollo Command Module

Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Interactive Virtual Exhibit

So if your kids or friends are into Spacecraft, or if you know of an educator who is looking for space materials right now, have them go to my FREE Interactive Virtual Spacecraft Museum. You do NOT have to join a membership level. But if you want to just to support the site, thank you.

If you have any question, suggestions or request, please leave it in the comments. Please Share this with your friends and Follow us on our Patreon page.

If you send me an email at , I will show you what I am working on before anyone else gets to see it. And you get to comment on what you think about my future projects. The best comments will get a shout out.

Finally, if you do happen to be gracious enough to subscribe to my FREE Interactive Virtual Spacecraft Museum on my Patreon Page, I will feature you in the next post like Andrew Barth, He was a student at Bradley University in Mechanical Engineering. He was also a former intern at the Smithsonian DPO who not only helped me with how to use the Smithsonian Panoramic Images, but was also my first patron! You can follow him on Twitter at @AeroEngineer16.

I just wanted to make sure these tools were available during this intense time. We will get through this with each others’ help.

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